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::Brand New Icontest/I Miss Brand New.

I miss Brand New. I really do. The last time I saw them was November 25th of last year. I can't wait til they go back on tour. Straylight Run was here with them (on 11-25-03) and they're coming back on the 24th of this month, so I'm hoping it's not too much longer for Brand New...!

Does anyone have any recent pics of them? Do they still look the same? Gah, it's been nearly a year since I saw them last!

<3 Nina

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6 months

::For My Sanity, Let Me Explain Something To You. Please Share It!

accept: take (verb).</dt>
     I will accept the call. Please accept my shoe.

except: other than (preposition).</dt>
     Everyone except him. I like it except the love scene.

affect: alter (verb).</dt>
     This affects the weather. You affect me.

effect: alteration (noun).</dt>
     It's all special effects. You have an effect on me.

hole: a gap; a pit (noun).</dt>
     I need it like another hole in my head. Dig a hole.

holly: the spiny shrub Ilex aquifolium; a name (noun).</dt>
     Deck the halls with boughs of holly. How very Holly Golightly.

holy: sacred (adjective).</dt>
     Holy cow! Is this the holy emerald eye of the swamp god?

whole: complete; in one piece (adjective).</dt>
     I'm sick of the whole album. You ate a whole pizza?

it's: it is (contraction).</dt>
     It's hot in here. It's a long way to Brazil.

its: of it (possessive).</dt>
     I like its scales. Are you its organizer?

right: correct; the opposite of left (adjective).</dt>
     That's right. Turn right at the signal.

wright: build; create (verb).</dt>
     She's a shipwright? She's a playwright.

write: make words (verb).</dt>
     Will you write me a letter? I'll write it down.

than: compared to (comparative).</dt>
     It's sunnier than yesterday. You're smarter than that.

then: later; that time; because of (conjunction).</dt>
     I ate lunch, then napped. If you do that, then I'll kill you.

they're: they are (contraction).</dt>
     They're leaving. They're nice people.

their: of them (possessive).</dt>
     Carry their bags. Their cat is hairy.

there: that place (noun).</dt>
     Put them there. I'm going there tomorrow.

to: toward; with the intention of (preposition).</dt>
     I'm going to eat. I'm going to Camp.

too: as well; overly (adverb).</dt>
     I want a pony, too. It's not too expensive.

two: 2 (noun).</dt>
     I'd like two ponies. There are two reasons.

who's: who is (contraction).</dt>
     Who's on first? Who's that?

whose: of whom (possessive).</dt>
     Whose bike is that? You know whose cat did it?

you're: you are (contraction).</dt>
     You're right. If you're there, answer.

your: of you (possessive).</dt>
     I like your shoes. Your aunt is calling.

From http://rheme.net/homonyms :D

Also; the word "whoa" is spelled just how I spelled it. It is not spelled "woah, woha" or any other way you can cook up. It is spelled "whoa." Deal with it.

"Cool" is spelled "cool." It is not spelled "kewl, cewl" or any other way you can cook up. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

You better believe that I cross posted this. You should, too.


hey im new here...i think brian is a great drummer and doesnt get the attention he deserves...lol that sounded gay but w.e brians a great drummer with alot of talent and thats all i have to say right now lol byeee
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tomorrow would be a great day to live in NJ.

if anybody has pictures from recent shows they want to post, that'd be awesome. it'd also be really nice if someone had pictures where brian is actually visible ::tear::. (on the official bn lj community people have posted, but the poor guy is no where to be found.)


...it's ok to talk, guys. don't be shy! :)
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